International City, Dubai

Dubai International City
Everything that you would think is required to turn a city into the culmination point of divergent nationalities can be found in this one location at Dubai, the Dubai International City. The genius concept behind this project was inspired by the traditional carpets of Middle East. Spread over a massive area of eight million square meters, it is a county themed architecture of residences, business and tourist attractions. It is composed of 485 buildings in all and each one is inspired by the central business districts of various countries like Persia, Greece, England, France, Italy, Russia, China and the Emirates.

The location of the Dubai International City is in the Al Warsan region of Dubai, opposite the Dubai Central Fruit and Vegetable Market. This is along the Dubai-Hatta road and between Interchange 6 and 5 on the Emirates Road. The area is very well connected to the city by road and through the RTA bus service. Initiated by a vision to provide affordable yet stylish living experiences to more than sixty thousand people, this project has been successful in helping many people realize the dream of owning a home.

Dubai International City consists of six main areas namely The Central District, The Dubai Design Center, The Dragon Mart, The Residential District, Lakes District and The Forbidden City. The Central District only comprises of open plots that are to be sold to independent developers. Shopping complexes, retail outlets, wholesale outlets and corporate offices are to be developed in this area. Dubai Design Studio has been made with the intention of promoting art and culture. It is an exclusive area for permanent and temporary exhibitions along with hotels to accommodate exhibitors and visitors.

Dubai International City Apartments

The Dragon Mart is a large trade mall that is designed, as the name suggests, in the shape of a colourful dragon. The dragon's head serves as the entrance which is accessible from the Dubai-Hatta road. It will serve as a commercial center for more than three thousand Chinese companies. The Residential District in Dubai International City is spread over 300 hectares and features more than 2100 studio and one bedroom apartments. These are freehold properties and will also be converted into two bedroom apartments.

The Lakes District comprises of lush green landscapes that border a serene lake. This is also a residential area with around 25 buildings and 1375 apartments which are either two or three bedroom duplex apartments. The Forbidden City is an exact replica of the biggest and best preserved cluster of ancient buildings in China. It accommodates authentic residential and retail outlets set amidst awe inspiring gardens, museums and performance courts. Dubai International City makes an attempt to provide a global settings for your commercial and residential spaces.